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Blessed That We Might Bless

A Conference of The Widening Circle* (Canada)

Developing a Theology of Blessing & A Response to the Proposed Anglican Covenant

April 14 – 17, 2010

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jenny Plane Te Pa, Dean of Theology, Aukland N.Z.

Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church – 442 William St., London, Ontario

Call for Papers Persons wishing to submit papers for consideration for presentation as part the conference on a) Developing a Theology of Blessing or b) A response to the proposed Anglican Covenant are invited to send an abstract to  dana@stjohnsottawa.ca by Feb 1, 2010

Hospitality and Registration

The conference is being organized as a hospitality conference.  Participants are responsible for getting to the conference site.  Accommodations (billets) and meals will be provided by local sponsoring parishes.  Those wishing other accommodation will be provided with a list of local hotels offering preferred rates.   There is no registration fee for the conference, but meals and billets can only be provided for those who register their attendance in advance.              Please send name, address, phone, email, diocese, dietary requirements and whether you would like a billet or a list of local hotels to widening_circle@cronyn.ca by March 15, 2010

*The Widening Circle is a national association of progressive minded Anglicans committed to full inclusivity and the advancement of the Anglican Church of Canada.


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